August 05, 2014

Countdown Starts Now

I'm planning to go home again. Maybe I only have 3 month long duration away from home and after that I have the tendency to go home like immediately. Before I go home I wanna buy a cute planner and after 2 days of searching I was able to finally look for one. I'm going to buy it on my rest day and that's on Thursday or Friday this week. I also will do my grandma a favor to look for prices because she wants me to buy some stuff before I go home. I'm so excited to go to the mall. I'm kind of home-buddy for a month now and yes I changed my work schedule for the month and I'm on graveyard shift. I wanted this month to end already! Anyways, I will post my new planner/journal/diary this week. By the way, I was absent last night because of flood. I tried to go to work but didn't push through. So tonight I hope it will not rain that heavy again. *fingers crossed*

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