November 08, 2010

what a day!

I woke up early like 4:45am so I can have coffee and feed my pet dogs... I went to school early for the morning praise and yes I was early.. :) it was so hot on our spot and we have nothing to do with it so we have to deal with it :|
After the morning praise we waited for one of our classmate who is finding a vacant room for us because this subject is supposed to be on Saturday.. unfortunately there is none. so we will be having our class on saturday :|
we stayed at the canteen until 10 because our next subject is on 10:30 which is elective... we had our class and we had an activity about family... I was so uneasy because the topic hits me or idk what was that feeling :| we made a genogram and on my mother side there was so many slots blank because I don't know the name of some of my aunts and uncles and idk the name of my lolo and lola :| that was so hard goshh!
after the class we stayed again at the canteen and we ate our lunch and then waited until 2pm. we went directly to the audiovisual room because our class will be held there and again we waited for our teacher until 4pm I think.. so we had an opportunity to talk with each other... then our teacher didn't show up because she's having meeting with the dean of nursing.. so there we went home... tiring day but it's okay. :)

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