January 19, 2011

community duty

Yesterday's duty in Pastrana was cancelled due to bad weather... we stayed in school and had an activity in the nursing arts... then we went home around 2pm and it was raining so hard parang bagyo. So tomorrow "rain or shine" we will be going to Pastrana na.
Today the weather was okay na and the sun shows up... we went to Pastrana for our duty. We are supposed to help in the immunization but the community nurse was not available at the moment, so we helped in the RHU. I was assigned sa desk and if may client, I ask for the subjective and list down the objective data... it was my first time to do that. At first, andami kong erasures and I even borrowed white out. :)) Then after our group, we endorsed it to group 9 then we had a break na. We bought chicken and rice and I ate without spoon and fork. We went back to Tacloban around 1 na yata... so there.
Had a good day naman.... :D

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