January 14, 2011


I've been hating her for kind of so long and I really can't get over it. There are times that I feel that I want to reunite yet she really is super annoying to me. She's a feeler kind of being and always made me feel that she's the one who deserves everything and not me. She's sort of creating a competition between us and I felt that until now. She post things then she sees to it that it will cross my way then maybe she's thinking that I may get jealous or something then it will make her day. When I do things that pleases me, she copies me and do the same; copycat for short. :| I just want to let her see her reflection in the mirror that we're different and there's no way that she can be me or if she wants me to be her duhhh... There's an incident that she flirted with my ex-boyfriend whom I super love the most. She post pictures and tagged my ex in her photos. Does she even think of what she's doing? I mean Hello?

So there, I just hate her!

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