March 10, 2011

busy day!

Yesterday was a busy day for me... In the morning I went to school before 8am to take final exam in elective 1. then after that I went to grocery to buy for Hexen and Kurt then I went home. Then after I took a shower I went back to school for our outreach in Kalubian, San Jose. It was super hot and humid that afternoon and I'm not comfortable with it. We went there by batch and we rode the van of the school. It was tiring also in going to the site riding a pedicab. I'm with Marpy that time. When we arrived there we look for a child and me and Joy had one. they are brothers and they are Eugene and Frederico. We accompanied them to their seats and after that we also held games. It was fun yet it really is so hot that afternoon. After that the eating began. It was so fulfilling to see the children happy even it was just little things for me. They are so contented with what they have and with what we gave them. After the snack, we had closing prayer then me and Marpy went home. I was not aware that the evaluation and integration is to be held the same afternoon in school. Nikki texted me yet I was not able to get that on time. Before I went home, I first went to a drugstore to buy Hexen an expectorant. After that I went to ride a multicab. Grabe so embarassing na... Pag step ko sa cab biglang nag andar yung cab and muntik na akong mahulog buti nalang someone hold my hands kaya di ako natuluyang nahulog. I wanted to say thank you sa humawak sakin yet I was so nervous at that time and the people in the cab stares at me.   ☹  the The driver says sorry. Grabe talaga! Feeling ko na trauma ako.


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