March 27, 2011

Hearty Paws (마음이 Korean Movie)

In Korean with English and Chinese Subtitles

Genre: Drama
Director: Oh Dal-gyoon
Cast: You Seung-ho, Kim Hyang-gi and Dal-I (the dog)
RunTime: 1 hr 40 mins
Released By: GV and Encore Films
Rating: PG
Official Website:

Opening Day: 15 March 2007

Synopsis :

Chan is an 11-year-old boy who lives alone with his younger sister, So-i. Though he’s young, he’s tough and hates losing. He loves his younger sister so much that there isn’t a thing that he wouldn’t do for her. For her 6th birthday, he decides to give her a dog that she’s been longing to have. One early morning in winter when the world is still dark, he sneaks into a house of an old couple and steals a newly-born puppy for his sister.
So happy with the dog that she wanted so badly, So-i names it Maeum, literally translated as Heart. Maeum eats a lot and plays cute, exaggerating pain when a bee stings it. The dog and she become really tight with each other, and Chan is happy that the dog takes care of her while he’s gone to school. They thought that happiness with the new family member would last forever. However, something unexpected happens one day, and the relationship between Chan and Maeum is in ruins. What on earth happened?

:47:While I was channel surfing, I came over this movie kasi ang cute ng dog. I love watching movies na may dogs. It was kaninang umaga when I woke up. Nawala yung antok ko and while watching na, it made me cry so much and it breaks my heart:68: to see children alone without their parents. Chan, his sister So-i and Hearty lives in a small house and it's only three of them. His sister is always waiting for her mom to come home near the bus stop everyday yet their mom never did showed up. One day while they were playing in the snow, Hearty was drowned then So-i went to look for Hearty pero nag crack yung ice kaya So-i also drowned. Hearty was able to climb back pero So-i wasn't able to do that kasi she doesn't know to swim pa. Chan was very much depressed and in pain :face29:with what had happened and he blamed Hearty for that. He ignored Hearty pero the dog didn't stop following him kahit pumunta na siya sa mom niya. I was crying the whole time looking at the dog na ginagawa niya lahat for Chan kahit inaaway na siya ni Chan:face47:When Chan went to his mother's place pero yung mother niya di man lang happy to see him and that time he wanted to tell his mom na his sister is dead pero di niya nasabi. So yun he went to the streets and met children din. Namalimos siya to have something to eat and in that place may mga boss sila and yung pinapagawa sa kanila ay mamalimos. One time the boss was so mad to Chan because Chan accidentally hit him. That boss let them enjoy a day-off pero may balak na pala yung boss kay Hearty. Pinaaway niya si Hearty sa dog niya and after that tinapon nila sa basurahan pero Hearty was not yet dead that time. Kaya nung nalaman ni Chan na buhay si Hearty he says sorry for everything that's been done. That time akala ko magiging okay na... Nagkasakit yung dog (Acute Glaucoma) and this moment I was sobbing na:face37:Then Chan also was sick and while they were sleeping in the underpass, the boss saw them pero kinuha muna sila ng police. The boss kidnapped Chan and Hearty was able to followed them. That boss hit Hearty so bad and then Chan was able to hit that boss on the head and the police went there. In the hospital, the vet said that Hearty will not live long anymore:face22: and that moment Chan doesn't want that to happen. That time his mother took care of him na pero too late, his sister is dead na and his dog is dying. I cried so much when his dog died.
I really love this movie.:face41:


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