April 28, 2011

Ameba Pico ♥


This is my first ever picture taken while playing Ameba Pico. I played this game before and I tried to check it again and it gets me to play for 2 hours. It's fun playing and doing quests. I also travel from place to another. It was fun fun fun playing! You should try it too then maybe add me in your buddy list? :p:
:o: Ameba Pico

I discovered some in-game cheat:

/min: shrink
/sit: sit
/stand: stand up
/zzz: sleep
/panda: panda smiley
/nekohebi: cat smiley
/hungry: spoon and fork
/heart: heart
/kiss: lips
/conf: confused
/insp: idea
/fun: music note

/zzz then /stand: stand while eyes closed
press tab and click: skywalk


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