April 20, 2011


This day was good sana.. In the morning I went to the grocery to buy stuff in preparation for the long weekend then I stayed home and watch tv then internet. In the afternoon, my group mate called me on my phone and we are not yet done pala with our requirements in Psych. Wrong timing na wala na akong ink sa printer and also I will not go out na kasi I'm not feeling well (I think magkaka ubo ako). Then to find out na yung ibang dapat i-encode was left in Cebu. I was tasked to make 1 NCP. In my mind I was saying na "Dapat ba ako mag suffer sa carelessness ng iba?" I mean nung nasa Cebu kami, I was the only one who encoded yung assigned sa group tapos ngayon eto na naman. Is this a group? So where are the other members? Some members in our group is really "walang pakialam". Porket some say na mabilis akong mag encode dapat bang lahat ako nalang mag encode? Don't think about yourselves guys! Be sensitive!:x:

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