May 30, 2011

Looking back...

This was taken last December 2010. We had our :107: Christmas cheers:9a2: at Divine Word Hospital here in Tacloban City. We are assigned in the OPD. :face55:

This was taken after our shift. Group 8. Ward.:face17:
Me - Isaw - Ilanie - Gay - Bea - Rachel - Jeff

This was taken long ago. I forgot what month. DR duty.:0n2:

:40:It's nice looking back on those photos. It was uploaded on my Multiply site and just wanted to share some.
This June 2011 is the start of my senior year in nursing. Thank God I was able to make it to 4th year.
So there.:13:


athena said...

weeh duty days.. memories.. :>

Jennifer said...


Alyanna dela Cruz said...

Aww. This made me miss my blockmates :-(

It sucks 'cause we're on different blocks now for our thesis.

Goodluck to the both of us :)

Jennifer said...

And God Bless too! :)