May 29, 2011


Woke up early like around 7am. I updated my Ipod Nano that has been in my closet for quite some time and still thinking if I'm going to erase the content of my nano or not.:face14:
Right now, listening to my :74:favorite songs on winamp and browsing the internet. And I imagine what I'm doing right now if I don't have a pc and internet. Some haters says that a person who is always online needs to get a life but hey, I have a life and internet is a part of it. And I'm enjoying my internet moments because next week is the start of classes, meaning less internet:face29:. But I'm going to update my blog once a day:face44:

And btw, latest game I'm playing on facebook; "My Shops", it's kinda cute:face34:


indigorocketeer said...

I haven't been playing games on Facebook but now that you have blogged about a certain game in the social networking site, I'd probably try it! Thanks!

Oh and btw, I love your blog! It's so cute, girly and clean! :D

Jennifer said...

Thanks! :) You should also try Pet Society.