July 07, 2011

What is STRESS?

Sorry for not updating much because of school works and paper works.
Later is our duty at DWH 2pm until 10pm. I finished all the requirements just last night (5 NCP, Lab, Discharge Plan, History and Physical Examination), I started working at 8pm and ended at 2am. I felt my head is spinning na last night and had this heavy feeling.:face47:Then I woke up kanina at 7am and could not go back na to sleep because I may get lazy to get up and do some research. :face41:
So yesterday naman:v: I'm stressed about our research paper because we have to change it so meaning we will start from scratch:a: and I get stressed when I see somebody's facial expression is so negative and parang galit na ewan. So anyway after the research I stayed lang sa school to wait for 2pm then good thing Brian was there pa. We went to the hospital for auditing and after that we went to Dunkin Donuts to talk and plan about our presentation about breastfeeding for this afternoon's duty. I'm happy that my group mates are not boring to be with.


Ayel said...

It's alright stress is just a sleep away, :) and you'd do great at work.

Breastfeeding is the best and thanks for encouraging mommy's to do so, because it's the best benefit we could give our children. ;)

Have a nice day ahead!


Jennifer said...

I agree... but I really lack sleep. Anyways, we had our presentation and it went well :)

spirit lion said...

stress is dinamic of life
so if we still life, we must have feel a stress