August 29, 2011

6 blog recommendations for nuffnang blog day 2011

1. - posts from this blog is so interesting and is based on facts and some posts are so unusual.

2. - posts from this blog is mostly about beauty and make-up reviews and it's helpful. Mostly Japanese stuff.

3. - posts from this blog is all about food obviously but very much filipino so it's interesting. Mabubusog ka agad sa tingin pa lang :)

4. - it's like a directory of latest events. So pinoy!

5. - so lovely photos and cute stuff which is pleasing to the eyes.

6. - it's nice to read post which makes me feel good about life. :)


vini vidi vucinic said...

:: where is my blog?

Ayel said...

I checked on the blogs! Nice one! :) thanks for the recommendation! New blogs to read is pretty cool especially when you're bored and you've read all the fave blogs already. :)

take care! mwah!

belogkiter said...

Hi Jennifer,

You've a nice and cool blog!

Thank you for recommending my blog. I'm glad that you find my blog interesting. Do drop by my blogs for more interesting news.

Jennifer said...

You're welcome Ayel and belogkiter :)

Marvz Anime Blog said...

heheheh,... nice choice... :D

sana kasama ung blog ko... pede pang seven... :D

Marvz Anime Blog

jenn said...

mukhang nakaka engganyo yung #2 & #3 :DD haha! lemme check nga :DD

BlogS of Hariyanto said...

nice share info my friend :) thanks