September 18, 2011


:9l2: Been very busy this month. Requirements, Duties, Projects, Quizzes, Exams, Stress, Pressure, what else? :face28: I really wanted to pass this semester that's why I'm working hard on it and I also think it's not enough,:face14: is it? This morning before I went to Tops for our research, I finished my requirement in NCM 106 and some in NCM 107. Still have a problem on our reasearch. Can anyone help me on to what topic? Please?:face38: Anyways, we will submit our new topics tomorrow and I hope it will be approve.:face51:

:7c2:P.S. Sorry for not updating so much in my blog because whenever I go online, I just visit back and support my visitors then log out. :face45: I hope you guys will understand:v:

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