September 25, 2011

Medical, Dental & Optical Mission

:e:Yesterday, we had our duty at Leyte Progressive High School since we didn't have our duty last Friday. We helped in the medical mission and I was assigned in the registration for pediatric patients. It was tiring and at the same time it was a nice experience. I felt good because I was also a part of the medical mission and of help to the public. Here are some of the photos taken by Gwen, Marynel, and Brian (my group mates), before, during and after our duty.


free Anchor milk

free lunch

early birds

:2q2: with the dentists

registration (busy, busy, busy)



Ayel said...

wahh daming activities ah! mukang fun din cuz you're with friends!!! :> nice photos!

Jennifer said...

grabeng fun Ayel... :D

wahonobae said...

nice this..
salam kenal n sukses selalu....

Nelson said...

Hello my friend ! I wish you a wonderful wednesday. Greetings from Rio deJaneiro/Brasil
Thanks for visiting! Come again!

kim said...

wow! it seems like everybody had some fun! left you some love, girl! hope i get some back, thanks!

Nelson said...

Hello my friend! I wish a fantastic Sunday for you, with very smiles and peace! Greetings from Rio de Janeiro/Brasil. Visit me back please!

Rosamond Kim said...

When I was in Vietnam, we always had to wear uniforms. I miss it! Your school looks like a fun place.