October 20, 2011

Birthday and Leyte Gulf Landing

brownies for breakfast
Today is the Leyte Landing Anniversary so it's a holiday here in Tacloban. It's like Sunday today:face70:. Anyway, today is also the birthday of our beautician (:22:Bobby) and he decided to celebrate at home. He went all the way from Carigara to Tacloban. He arrived at lunchtime and it was like a feast, :face53: I think. I ate a lot :26: but didn't eat rice. :face18:

Gen. Douglas McArthur - Pres. Sergio Osmeña - Pres. Carlos P. Romulo

McArthur Park
If you would visit Tacloban City, do drop by at McArthur Park. :face44:


KM said...

you're from Leyte pala :) my late grandfather was from Leyte too. happy holiday sa'yo, Jenn!

Jennifer said...

thanks KM! :) san kayo sa leyte?

Michael said...

I have very fond memories of Tacloban. Aside from the restaurants, I remember visiting that park and we also stayed at the nearby hotel. Cool place.

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