October 07, 2011

First semester is over!

tasty treat after exam

:13:Yesterday, I went to school to take Elective 2: Quality Health Care exam and found out that I was exempted to take the exam. I'm so happy! So yesterday, I had only one exam in the afternoon (NCM 106).:face17:

Today, I also had one exam (CA) in the afternoon. Paula, Karen, and I went home after exam and I decided to buy a snack as a treat for me after exam. So I went to Jollibee and ordered an ice-cream and fries:18:(sour cream flavor). Then went home after.:face50:


Rosamond Kim said...

A well deserved treat Jennifer. Congratulations on not having to take the exam!!

<3 Rosamond

Cahaya said...

have a nice dream :D

Jennifer said...

@Rosamond and Cahaya: :D thanks!

Ayel said...

haha congrats on the exemption! :) hihi. enjoy the fries!

Jennifer said...

hello Ayel! salamat! :D