May 20, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Mini 2

I wanted to experience Android apps so this phone is my key to that. I found out that some free apps in ios are not free in Android and also some offline games in ios are to be played online in Android. So here it is! Actually first 2 photos was taken weeks ago but got lazy to post it.


mikexplorer said...

We are always getting ready to live but never living.

Nelson said...

Hello my dear friend! I wish you a wonderful new week. Greetings from Brasil!

Lady_Myx said...

wow! i like the wallpaper ate :) so Kawaii! :)

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Jennifer said...

@MikeExplorer: :)

@Nelson: Thanks Nelson! :D

@Lady_Myx: thanks! mahilig din ako sa kawaii stuff.. hehe

Hotcandy said...

wallpaper is cute, and for Samsung Galaxy mini 2 and apple, I both like it.