November 02, 2012

With Friends

Last October 31, my friend Pokay sent me an SMS that Biyo likes to meet us and have a bonding moment so I said yes. First we went to the cemetery to visit our late friend Bernard then we went to Aileen's office then we walked to Uncle Sam to have our early dinner. I so love♥ the place and the food of course. Then we went to Leyte Park and stayed in the Secret Garden for an hour I think. Then we went bar hopping and the last place we visited was Kyles. It was fun being with friends!

The view in the Secret Garden
Friends at Uncle Sam


SiGoBlogX said...

great fun enjoying the show together and joking with each other

Ãrif Ráhmán Hákim said...

Blogwalking, kunjungin juga yah :D

Jen said...

Nice photo. :) Looks like you had fun with your friends!! :) Have a great week ahead!!