February 02, 2013

I Passed The Board Exam

I took the Nursing Licensure Exam (NLE) last December 16 & 17, 2012 here in Tacloban City. Before that I took nursing review at Sultan Review Group (SRG) which gave me confidence and ideas on how to answer and pass the board exam. It was really tiring going to the review everyday sometimes we have classes on Sundays, but I can't complain about it because my goal is to pass. Sometimes I worry and my being a negative thinker somewhat overlaps my positivism. During the board exam there were factors that added to my anxiety because the proctors were busy chatting and unfortunately I was seated near them. I tried so hard to concentrate and understand the questions and after the two-day exam I concluded that I won't make it. Before I got home on the second day of the exam, I visited Sto. Nino church first and thank God and other saints about all that I've been through. I always pray with "Thy will be done, Lord." 
Christmas and New Year came and I can't stop thinking about what will be the result of the board exam. I decided to be productive and applied for a call center job while waiting for the results. January 30 came and one of my fellow trainee received an SMS that he passed the board exam. I was so nervous that time because I haven't got any text from anyone. I was thinking that I didn't make it because our review center promised to give us a text to congratulate each one of us and in that moment still there's no message from SRG. When our trainor gave us a 15 minute break, I checked on my phone. I had a text from a close friend and she congratulated me. I thought that was just a group message but she called me up. I was so persistent and I asked her a favor to really check the website and she told me that she did. OMG that was so surprising! I was actually having mixed emotions that time. After our training I went home and Charisse and Liza (my friends) called me to meet them at Robinsons to celebrate. I went there (their treat of course) and I just can't get that smile on my face. I'm also happy that my dad and grandmother was really happy that time and I can't believe that I'm now a registered nurse. 

Me, Cha and Liz at Don Vicente (Robinsons Mall Tacloban)


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congrats for being nurse :)


Jennifer Aro said...

thanks! :D

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Xan Gerna said...

medyo late ng pagbati hehe
congrats pala! : ) keep on blogging^_^