April 23, 2013


When I was in high school I was so curious why some of my classmates read novels. Because of my curiosity I also tried it. The first book I've read was Sweet Valley Twins. I got hooked with it for months and every 3 days I have to finish it because of the deadline in our school library. Then last novel is somewhat new adult because there was a sex scene and after that I stopped reading fictional books. It's just now that I went back to my reading after graduation. Actually "SECRET**" is the reason why. I started to read topics in the forum about books and I got curious and I wanna read again. The first book that I selected to read is Fifty Shades of Grey. Good thing the book is interesting and it's really a good start then my reading went on. But the problem is that I got easily distracted so I can't finish a book easily but anyways I just love to read in my free time and it's my routine to read before going to sleep because it's my sleep-inducing activity. I'm not good in giving reviews but I can give ratings. So here are my ratings of the book that I've read.

My Rating: ★★★★★

                               My Rating: ★★★★

      My Rating: ★★★★

    My Rating: ★★★★

             My Rating: ★★★★


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Roxanne Gana said...

ive read the 3 fifty shades and they were okay, just to have an open mind about it. the fault in our stars namn made me cry. A lot. lols. saw your blog from a symbianize ebook section. and thought to visit. keep posting