January 24, 2014

Mutual Understanding?

So I met someone. We dated. Had a wonderful night together. He enjoyed my company and I enjoyed his company as well. We held hands and kissed when we said goodbye. After a week without talking, I long for his presence so we met again. He told me he missed me so much. He told me he misses everything about me and he said that he's at ease being with me and also he said that he can be himself whenever when he's with me. This time is more sweeter than the first. He asked me if I ever been to Baguio and I said no and he said he would love to take me there and he said that he's only going to Baguio on Valentines because of me. It was so sweet of him. I easily fall for someone that is so sweet but I can't tell him that I do like him. Is this a mutual understanding type of relationship? Or am I assuming? Does he like me? I'm so clueless! Help?!

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