August 05, 2014

Countdown Starts Now

I'm planning to go home again. Maybe I only have 3 month long duration away from home and after that I have the tendency to go home like immediately. Before I go home I wanna buy a cute planner and after 2 days of searching I was able to finally look for one. I'm going to buy it on my rest day and that's on Thursday or Friday this week. I also will do my grandma a favor to look for prices because she wants me to buy some stuff before I go home. I'm so excited to go to the mall. I'm kind of home-buddy for a month now and yes I changed my work schedule for the month and I'm on graveyard shift. I wanted this month to end already! Anyways, I will post my new planner/journal/diary this week. By the way, I was absent last night because of flood. I tried to go to work but didn't push through. So tonight I hope it will not rain that heavy again. *fingers crossed*

July 28, 2014

Fifty Shades of Grey (Trailer) Valentine's 2015

I will definitely watch this movie. Done reading the novel and I'm kinda wondering who will be my date by then. Hmmm.. <3

July 21, 2014

Change of mind..

So yeah I created a new blog but I got lazy designing or customizing it. Maybe I'll stick to this blog. 😊   

July 20, 2014

I'm moving.. :)

Hi everyone!

I created a new blog and I will be posting updates on my new blog.

My New Blog ... Click here! :)

July 14, 2014

Back in Makati :))

I went back to Makati last May. I wanted to look for another job and fortunately I was accepted. Same thing, had medical exams, training and etc. Now I'm accepting calls and it'll be my third month on August 12. I hope I will be regularize by then because I wanna go on leave. I miss home and family. Had a bumpy road last May because I met an a******! Anyways, lesson learned. Moving on. Karma is digital anyways.
So I will post random photos to update my blog. :)


Graveyard shift.. During break at 7-Eleven

Team dinner at The Fort

After shift chill

Friends since forever. My friends way back.

Starbucks is love!

a giveaway from AMEX

April 06, 2014

My Makati Life

I so miss my Makati life. I stayed in Makati for nearly 5 months. I stayed in a dorm in J. Victor St. In Brgy Pio Del Pilar. Everyday I walked 2 blocks to buy pan de sal for breakfast and sometimes with butter or cheese then kain sa receiving area ng dorm. I worked nearby so walang hassle sa traffic kasi naglalakad lang ako. Palagi akong nagbabaon for lunch para tipid in a way and hindi ako nagsawa sa tortang talong and egg for lunch. Pero minsan naman sa pantry in the office na ako bumibili ng lunch. Dahil morning shift ako palagi, before I go to work bumibili muna ako ng yogurt or sometimes hot fudge sa Mcdo and sometimes eat banana to make me happy. Then work work work. After shift naman minsan I bought fries and pineapple juice sa Mcdo or minsan sundae then lakad papuntang dorm. Pag rest days naman, maglalaba ako and then stayed in the room and listen to my iPod or my favorite radio station which is Easy Rock 96.3. Minsan mag surf ng Internet or maghanap ng kausap online since free naman wifi sa dorm. Pag sahod naman I always go to Glorietta and go grocery shopping sa SM or sometimes Waltermart alone ha. By the way here are random photos. 
Outside my dorm

Everyday route...

Aegis Makati

5th floor lobby

Comfort food! Love ko 'to!

To be continued... Medyo tinatamad ako mag post..

March 01, 2014

Life is Full of Surprises!

Vain :))

Team Hollywood. Thanks boss Sunny for the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts! 

A-bay graduation.. :)

me - Myka - Chel

Team bonding at Calda Pizza, Makati


LJ - me - Mitch

Hexen and I when I went to Tacloban <3

Pasalubong from NJ


Black and White

Relaxing koi fishes. Was with Ralphe in Greenbelt/Glorietta. Had fun last Feb 27. We watched Pompeii, had Starbucks coffee, had lunch in McDo, had siomai for dinner and had long talk/walk. :D

Team Hollywood

January 24, 2014

Mutual Understanding?

So I met someone. We dated. Had a wonderful night together. He enjoyed my company and I enjoyed his company as well. We held hands and kissed when we said goodbye. After a week without talking, I long for his presence so we met again. He told me he missed me so much. He told me he misses everything about me and he said that he's at ease being with me and also he said that he can be himself whenever when he's with me. This time is more sweeter than the first. He asked me if I ever been to Baguio and I said no and he said he would love to take me there and he said that he's only going to Baguio on Valentines because of me. It was so sweet of him. I easily fall for someone that is so sweet but I can't tell him that I do like him. Is this a mutual understanding type of relationship? Or am I assuming? Does he like me? I'm so clueless! Help?!

November 02, 2013

An update!

Time flies so fast when you're having fun huh? It's November and my October was so great! I got out of my comfort zone and some magic happens. I met someone who is so caring, thoughtful, sweet, generous, hmmm what else? I was treated like a VIP for days when I was with him. I also went job hunting all by myself in the city where I'm not so familiar with. I met new friends and did things I thought I could not do. Got homesick so bad that I went home the next day. Cried so much the first night in my new room. When I think and look back about my October I felt really nice about myself and it made me love myself more and also it made me opened my mind to new experiences and whatever it is coming my way. So I'll just post random photos about my October. I wish November will be more exciting.
Window seat of course! :)

Men in blue barong picked me up at the airport..

Gifts. There's more but it's not to be posted. :))

First time to watch a movie in a big cinema. 

A view from the top. 

Lack of sleep but it's all worth it!