November 18, 2010

bad mood :|

first day of my period... we had classes in ncm 104 and 105. we had quiz on psychia and I got 15/20. after psychia, I was one of the reporter in theology and thanks God I'm done reporting without questions asked :D
after school I bought pads in Gaisano and then I went home. it was not that hot because it rained...

I want to rant just a little...

 I hate people who borrowed a big amount of money but then forgets to pay... I mean she's got money nowadays as what she's trying to show, yet she don't even give a damn to her debt. and now my lola is the one who borrows little amount of money and she wanted that it will be paid immediately... I mean may insomnia na ba siya? or nagbubulag-bulagan? she's so showy and all yet other people don't know what she really is... :| kakainis!

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