November 17, 2010

tired again...

My phone alarm was on 4:30am but I think I shut it off.. when I look at the clock it was already 5:20 OMG! I hurriedly get up and get ready and sadly my tummy aches. I went to school at 7 but we're supposed to be there by 6:45 and luckily I wasn't late :) we stayed in amphitheater 2 and waited for further instructions... we have our clinical enhancement today so we practiced bed making, bed bathing, and other bedside care for our patients because ma'am said that next week even though it's NICU duty we will be going to ward duty when not in deck :( I ate snack at break time and I didn't took my lunch... we had our injection practice on vitamin K for newborn... It was funny because we thought we will be injecting one another but ma'am is good :P she let us inject the manequin :))
After school while on the way to downtown, I was not expecting that Bernard will ride the multicab that I was riding... We talked for awhile and we talked about what's going on with me and also what's going on with them. He said that I'm the only absent in there outings lately.. I missed them! I miss my old friends and I know one day we will have a little get together just like old times :)

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