April 01, 2011


As in OMG:x: After Hexen's graduation, we went home agad and when I entered my room my cabinet was clean na as in walang laman:8:I asked lola where are my stuff :s: and she said they put it in one place and she didn't mention about anything more. So after dinner, I went to my lola's bedroom kasi yung water dispenser ay nandun then I saw my pics with Edz (my ex):face53:I asked my lola bakit nasa kanya yung mga pics na yun then she asked when daw yun and I told her na high school:face38: I'm not sure kung anong feeling yun. I felt bad kasi ever since my private stuff are not really kept private and even mails. Pag may nagpadala sakin ng mail, they opened it and ako yung last na nakakabasa ng mail ko. Bad diba:face14:Pero wala akong magagawa kasi ganun na yun. Haaayyyy!:face65:

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