May 24, 2011

Hi there!

So what happened to me for 2 weeks without the net on my pc?:f:
I played Plants vs Zombies, My Tribe and Virtual Villagers. I browse naman on my phone to check and sometimes post on my facebook and twitter and just plain browsing sa blogger. Then I spent most of my time watching tv and I happen to watch a korean drama "Oh my lady" and added 최시원 / Choi Si Won on my crush list :face9:
Before the fiesta, I went to church together with Lorna, her mom, grandma and Hexen.
On our fiesta naman last May 15, I helped with some of the chores and my best friends since elementary went to our house namely Bernard, Charisse, Jonessa, Mirasol, and Rosabelle. I let them stay sa room ko.
I'm enrolled na pala just yesterday then went to grocery after.

Nakakamiss mag post dito! Anyway, I'm so back online. :face19:

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