June 20, 2011

research day




:37: My group decided that we should meet this day so we can submit our research requirement on Wednesday which is the deadline for our draft. They sent me an SMS that we should be at Dunkin Main at exactly 8am. I went there past 8 and Jayden was already there. 2 lang kami until past 9am :46:. So yun. When the others are there na we decided to work at Shielany's place so we can be comfortable and yun we went to their place. We work:8: or they work on our research until 6pm. I think we're halfway done. It should be edited pa maybe tomorrow. So tomorrow we have a seminar about Benedictine values in the morning maybe until 12 noon, I don't know yet. I hope I won't be late tomorrow. :face39:


Ikmalia Anindita said...

just see that dunkin donuts cup already make me hungry. hiks hiks... gotta go to downtown after this just for to buy DD.

Jennifer said...

I love their coffee :)

athena said...

coffee again :p san ddonuts po yan sis?

Jennifer said...

Dito sa Tacloban :)

sHeRrY said...

Sometimes, I'd just have Dunkin's hot choco for breakfast^^