June 26, 2011

an update.

:f: I had a tiring week.
:f: Duty at Bethany Hospital DR/NICU last Thursday & Friday is okay and no one gave birth.
:f: My new group mates are fun to be with :0x2:
:f: We had Dabarkadz reunion at Ocho Grill then we drank at Cirque. It was super :face42: fun.
I :18: them all! Victor took me home at 1am because I need to sleep for the next day's duty and review.
:f: On-call yesterday but I attended the pre-board review.
:f: It was so humid yesterday:face30:
:f: I had to go to Tops yesterday after changing uniform for our research. I hate people who says something about me yet they don't really know me. I hate it when people judge a person.
:f: Bought Pocketbac yesterday.
:f: By the way, on my way home at 6pm yesterday, I think I saw my ex something. His girlfriend or I don't know who she was commuted in the same multicab :45: good thing she don't know me and I think that my ex something saw me:46: Oh awkward!

Pics will be posted on the next post :13:

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