October 31, 2011

new planner, new charm and a plushie

These were the things I bought yesterday ๏[-ิิ_•ิ]๏

My new planner (P68.00)

just an overview :)


Can't wait to write something on it :D



the wrapper of my new plushie




my ID with charm :)


reese said...

nice stuff

Anonymous said...

Ay ang cute ng planner. Tsaka mura lang ha.. Where did you buy it? :D

Jennifer said...

thanks reese! :)

@Leah: sa National Bookstore dito sa Tacloban :)

mc said...

over cute stuffs!


Simurgh said...

You really like cute things..
pwede ba ko dun? hehe! joke lang!

I keep a journal too, pero yung starbucks lang.
It's time to get fat again para sa SB Planner.

elilea said...

that plushie is soooo cute!!! cute planner too! :)

JC said...

Really cool pics. You should come shout out your blog sometime: www.futuretwit.com

Ayel said...

ang cute ng planner mo.. :) i think i saw something like that at Landmark the last time I visit. i love cute stuff too! especially notebooks! haha!

Nelson said...

Hello my dear friend! Greeting for you from Rio de Janeiro/Brasil. Have a nice and blessed day! Follow me back please.

Jennifer said...

thanks guys! sorry medyo busy lately.. :D

Michael said...

Nice stuffs you bought :)

Pindot said...

Wow, nice ID..=)