November 05, 2011


clumsiness :))
:46:Last November 2, we had a 16-hour duty at the ward. While preparing to take a bath, I strained by back:face29:because of not applying the proper body mechanics. So I had back pains during the duty:face62:. It was also so tiring but I was able to handle it:face25:. Last November 3 we (some of my group mates) met at Dunkin to work on our requirements to be submitted on Friday which is November 4. I thought its going to be easy but I was wrong:face59:. I haven't finished anything at Dunkin so I decided to work on it at home. I started at 6pm and finished it at 12am. I just had a 3 hours sleep because I have to wake up at 3am to get ready for the duty at 5:45am. It's not so easy to be a nursing student. :face47:
So yesterday (November 4) we only had an 8-hour duty. :face5:Thank God!
We went to McDonalds to eat lunch yesterday:face39: somewhat an after-duty bonding.

For today, our schedule for the review is in the afternoon so I woke up late. Still not feeling well but I don't like to have absences during review. We reviewed about Fundamentals of Nursing. So that's it! :face19:


Gel said...

16 hours ung duty mo? Kapagod naman yan :( Buti nalang you survived! May mga friends din ako na nagtake up ng nursing at sobrang napagod din sila. Just don't give up and keep going! I'm sure all your hard work will pay off eventually :) Good luck!

Jennifer said...

@Gel: yep 16 hours :( pero ok lang naman kasi kailangan masanay sa skills hehe :D