November 11, 2011


┈┏┓┈┏┓┈┈┏┓┈┏┓┈┈┏┓┈┏┓ ┏╯┃┏╯┃┈┏╯┃┏╯┃┈┏╯┃┏╯┃ ┗┓┃┗┓┃┈┗┓┃┗┓┃┈┗┓┃┗┓┃ ┈┃┃┈┃┃╭╮┃┃┈┃┃╭╮┃┃┈┃┃ ┈┗┛┈┗┛╰╯┗┛┈┗┛╰╯┗┛┈┗┛
Will make a wish tonight

Pepero day in Korea
Hmm today is so ordinary for me, but with a twist. I was busy with my requirements for RLE for the whole day and went to the hospital to submit it. After that I went to grocery then went home. Will wait for the clock to strike:0c2:11:11 so I can make a wish. :3j2:

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Michael said...

I wished for... world peace. Haha!