November 10, 2011

quite okay now :)

Last November 8 and 9 we had a 16 hours duty and that was for 2 days. 6am - 10pm. I was assigned as a head nurse for this week. It was really tiring but worth it because I learned a lot. During the duty, my problem was shoulder pain:face47: and good thing I still was able to manage it. I was so excited to go home last night because I miss my bed. Pure happiness again.

This morning I thought I'm going to have a fever but I fought it. I stayed up and took Alaxan FR after breakfast and it helps. I also ate a small papaya.:face45:

cute papaya

:a3:P.S. Sorry for not posting much:36:


Ajangnya orang Sumba berbagi Ilmu Pengetahuan said...

Papaya is good for digestion


tapi pepayanya ga ada bijinya yah?berbeda dengan pepaya jawa