August 24, 2013

Goodbye Whisky


She passed away early this morning. Yesterday when I fed her and my other pet, she's still awake but she's so weak. I even hold her paws and cuddle her head but only her ears are moving. I knew she heard me. I so miss her. I still remember the time when I bought her 11 years ago at the pet shop for only 500 pesos If you're wondering why for only 500, 'cause she's half Japanese Spitz and I forgot what's her other breed. I bought her because she's clingy, sweet and cute. When she turned 5, she's really so unruly and so jealous of other dogs. But still she's so sweet and loyal and yes so flirty. Her favorite toy is a candy bone which is good for her teeth and yes I spent so much money for her before. I really miss her. :(

God please take good care of her, I know she's one of your pets now.

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kimmy said...

that's sad. sorry for your loss. we have a pet cat and we feel anxious when she's not feeling well..